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NewRock Sports

Fall Sports (start in August)


Head Coach – Andrew Gawlik

Coaches – Eric McWilson; 


Head Coach – Shelee Steward

Coaches – Shelsey Reed


Head Coach – Tracy Cook

Coaches – NiKisha Shields; Annah Clark


Winter Sports (start in October)


Head Coach – Andrew Gawlik

Coaches – Brett Hupp

Girls Basketball

Head Coach – Brittani Jones

Coaches – Eric McWilson

Boys Basketball

Head Coach – Alexander Howard

Coaches – Marvin McGee; Antonie Swain


Head Coach – Tasha Henderson

Coaches – Jayla Wolfe-Henderson; Taylor Fulton


Spring Sports (start in January)

Girls Soccer & Boys Soccer

Head Coach – Isaac Bramblett

Coaches – Chidi Okorie

Girls Track

Head Coach – Shaniqua Stokes

Boys Track

Head Coach - Rodney Culler

Athletics Director- Maurissa Blackshear
Principal- Atosha Logan

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